Glass City Crawlers: More Than Just an Off-Road Club

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By: Ashley & Brittany Hill

Photography: Ashley & Brittany Hill

What began as a Facebook page titled the Toledo Mall Crawlers in 2016 has turned into much more. The Glass City Crawlers (GCC), as they are now called, has evolved into a growing community of over 200 families from southeast Michigan, Ohio, Colorado and Florida. What we love about the GCC is that they don’t discriminate! GCC loves you regardless of what you drive, if your Jeep® vehicle never leaves the pavement at the mall and if you don’t even know how to crawl. And the GCC has accomplished some pretty amazing feats beyond the trail.

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Who Are the Glass City Crawlers?

Glass City Crawlers is a non-profit organization centered on giving back to the community. With its roots in Toledo, a lot of the club members work for Jeep® in some way. GCC is a family-friendly club for off-road enthusiasts of every caliber, and prospective members are required to attend at least three events in a six-month period before becoming an official Glass City Crawler.

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With an active events calendar, GCC hosts a variety of member events, including monthly weekend trips and their annual Walt Memorial Grand Rapids Cruise, The Fall Color Run, Snow Way Dude and Women’s Wheelin’ Weekend. The club has travelled to many off-road parks, including their local spot, Bundy Hill Off-road Park, Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park, Twisted Trails, Wellsville, Redbird, Stillwell, Badlands, Windrock and Drummond Island.

GCC 4x4s Also Save Lives!

Serving as a valuable resource for the community, this past winter, the local hospitals called GCC to help get the doctors and nurses to work on days with inclement weather. 

The club regularly supports a local shelter that helps homeless families get back on their feet, as well as a heath care facility with an annual car show fundraiser. As a club, they have also adopted a section of the highway, do an annual clean-up at a local park, and support juvenile diabetes and cancer causes. If someone in the club has a cause that is close to their heart, GCC finds a way to support them in some way!  

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Keri Porter

Meet GCC Members Paul and Keri Porter

Husband and wife Paul and Keri Porter are active members of the Glass City Crawlers. Keri is an advocate for women in the off-road community, and they presented on the subject of women getting involved with recreational off-road activities at the Toledo Jeep® Fest.

They currently own a 2007 JKU and 2011 JK. Paul says that their love of those vehicles started with Kerri going on a weekend trip with a girlfriend. She came home and said, “You need to buy us a Jeep® 4×4.”

Keri said that she loves both the American and Toledo heritage of their vehicles and that if she could “go anywhere, and do anything,” she would be traveling the USA with their Jeep® 4x4s in tow, hitting the trails in all 50 states.

“We grew up just north of Toledo, just across the Michigan State line. Everyone knew at least one person that worked at Jeep®,” says Keri. “It’s always been an accomplishment and sense of pride if you could say that you worked for Jeep®.”

They love GCC off-roading events and Keri particularly loves their Women’s Wheelin’ Weekend.

“It’s a great opportunity for me to encourage others and watch them grow in their capabilities,” says GCC’s women’s wheeling advocate Keri Porter.

The Glass City Crawlers are really a wonderful and welcoming family. We are so glad we had an opportunity to get to know them and the Porters at Toledo Jeep® Fest!

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