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You own (or aspire to own) a Jeep® 4×4. You love your Jeep® vehicle. You may or may not crawl under it, pop the hood and play around, take the top off, take the doors off or take it up the side of a mountain. You may haul hockey gear or groceries or bags of dog food for the local shelter. You may belong to a Jeep® Brand enthusiast club, go on group trail rides or show up at local Cars and Coffee events. Or you may just feel a sense of freedom and adventure wherever you go in your Jeep® SUV.

Whatever drives your zeal, we want to welcome you to JeepWave.com. It’s your place to find useful, fun and interesting stories and information, both the best of what our community is creating and sharing online and exclusive original content you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether your thing is history, rock-crawling or exploring the upper reaches of your vehicle’s mechanical capability, we invite you to visit regularly for a steady stream of articles, videos and photos of Jeep® SUVs, the people who love them and the community around them. We’ll feature breaking vehicle news; the stories of people who make, modify and drive; club activities; trail information; meet-ups, trail rides, races and big gatherings; top accessories and gear; how-to info; and fun stuff like Jeep® concept vehicles.

JeepWave.com is also a great place to share your experiences and expertise with your community. Create an account to comment on posts and sign up for the newsletter. Send stories and pictures of your club activities. And let us know if there’s something you’d like to see on the site. Reach out to us anytime at content@jeepwave.com.

We named the site JeepWave.com because, like the hand signal Jeep® Wrangler owners share to acknowledge their sense of kinship and the Jeep® Wave owners program, the site is a place you can share that sense of community.

Jeep® 4×4 owners wave to each other. We gather in clubs. We share how-to information. We congregate at events. We help each other up hills, over rocks and across rivers. Sometimes, we help pull other drivers out of the snow or get together to raise money for a favorite charity or show up to help pick up the pieces after a natural disaster. A Jeep® vehicle isn’t just a chassis with four wheels that gets us from one place to another. It’s a community. It’s a set of values. It’s a passion for what we can do and what we can do together.

We hope you enjoy having a place to immerse yourself in Jeep® Brand life when you’re not out on the road or trail, to come together with other enthusiasts, to expand your Jeep® Brand world, and to explore share, and celebrate your passion for the machines, the people who love them and the culture around them. We look forward to adding fun and excitement to your adventure and sharing it with you.

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