Rolling Over a Hundred Acres of Off-Road Fun at Michigan’s New ORV Park

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Oakland County, Michigan’s new Holly Oaks ORV Park is a great big huge playground and sand box for four-wheeling fun. On a recent sunny fall Saturday, visitors zoomed through every trail and rumbled over every obstacle at the Detroit 4Fest preview event. The park, which officially opens in July of 2020, currently encompasses over 100 acres and will be expanded to double that by 2023. According to the park’s creators, there are hundreds of trails and obstacles. The event’s 400 spots sold out three weeks before the event. And all of those happy drivers charged up and down the hills and switchbacks of the sand course, whooped over roller-coaster drops like the one off Badger Head, tasted rock crawling on Stock Rock and watched the big guns pick their way expertly up the Notch, a diagonal cleft in the earth into which huge boulders and chunks of concrete were dumped to create the gnarliest obstacle in Holly, Michigan.

In addition to the four-wheeling festivities, over 5,000 guests had a chance to browse vendor stalls, take a test drive in a Jeep® Wrangler or Gladiator, sample food truck fare and check out South East Michigan’s newest off-road adventure park.

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