Kicking off a Michigan Summer with Sand, Sun and Trail Rides!

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It’s June. We’re on Lake Michigan. And we have Jeep® 4X4s. Could it get any better? Why yes, it could, with 1,500 of our friends at the sandy celebration of Jeep® Brand life that is the Silver Lake Sand Dunes Jeep® Invasion! From the kick-off cruise to the final blessing of the dunes, it was non-stop family-friendly fun. After all, how many Jeep® 4X4 gatherings have a trail ride to the local dairy? Environmental experts were on hand to help us learn how to tread lightly on the dunes and reviews were great from the new off road park built just for SLSD Jeep® Invasion. As always the Jeep® SUVs were the stars of the show, and special guests included the new 2020 Jeep® Gladiator, which led the final parade. We had a great time and took lots of pics. We hope you enjoy and can join in on Michigan’s sunny shores next year!

A door of a black Jeep vehicle with the words "not his" in white.
A black Jeep Wrangler navigates downward on a hill of sand.
A man in a blue Jeep 4X4 navigates downward on a muddy hill.
A blue Jeep Wrangler leads a line of other Jeep vehicles down a muddy trail.
An orange Jeep vehicle is covered in mud.
A Jeep 4X4 shows off its extra lights it has been equipped with on a trail.
A black Jeep Gladiator gets muddy on a trail.
A black Jeep 4X4 with orange and red flags leads a line of Jeep vehicles down a muddy trail.
A family poses outside their dirty Jeep vehicle.
A turquoise Jeep 4X4 with it's hood up in a field. A purple Jeep vehicle is parked next to it.
A green mud-splattered Jeep 4X4.
An orange Jeep 4X4 with it's hood up.
A mud-splattered hood, rear view mirror, and windshield of a Jeep 4X4.

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