There are many different sites that currently do a good job of breaking down the origin of the Jeep Wave, so I will not try to redo what they’ve done.  But I do want to highlight the main point of the Jeep Wave.  It’s to acknowledge that because you own and drive a Jeep you are a part of a community dating back several decades.  There are people who would say he wave is only for wrangler owners, or only for those who modify their Jeeps.  But I would say that each person whom evaluates their options and decides that a Jeep is their best is a part of the same wide community. Without the owners who choose not to modify their jeeps, we would not have a brand strong enough to stay competitive in the market.  The community should acknowledge all Jeep owners with the wave.  So, the next time you see a Patriot or a Liberty, don’t snub them but instead give them the wave and embrace them into the Jeep community.








Next Steps...

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